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Planning your own wedding can be a very exciting experience; only when you know where to start from!

The wedding planning list can be long and ,in some cases, complicated and since you want everything to be perfect on the day.

Things can get tricky. But as for everything else in life, if you break this into small steps whist keeping in mind what you want to achieve. Things will eventually get done! To help through the journey of planning your own wedding, we have put in place a step by step wedding planning guide. Simply Sign up and we will send you everything you need.

How Much

How Much Will Wedding Videography Cost?: Wedding photography and videos is one of the things you definitely want to get right! But most of you have no idea how much they should budget for this. With more and more packages available this make it even harder! What you need to do is to note down what you want capture on camera.

How Much Are Wedding Rings: Many couples wonder secretly how much they should be spending on their other halves’ ring. Sometimes they have a budget in mind other times they just rely on their gut feeling for the perfect ring. With so many different rings on the market, it is hard to find an immediate answer to this but here

Wedding DJ costs? DJ can vary greatly in price, we have found that Keith Hards can supply wedding entertainment at a very reasonable cost. There is a section on the website with associated DJ's

Wedding Flowers Costs? If you are reading this post, you are probably wondering how much will your wedding flowers cost you this year? Well, according to our research the cost of wedding flowers is anywhere between £ 250 & £400 some will spend more, others will spend less! The rule of thumb is to think about how

Wedding Food Cost: when trying to get a realistic idea of the budget you need to cover the cost of your wedding meal, you should consider the following: Is it a buffet or a sit down meal? Is it a 2 or 3 course meal? Will you hire caterers or will you be doing this yourself?

How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost? Same as for everything else involved in the wedding, it is sometimes hard to get a realistic budget plan. But according to our research a 3 tiers sponge wedding cake including one or mixed favours cost anything from 180 £285. 3 tiers cakes with fruits are more expensive ranging from £475 £550.

How much does a wedding venue cost ? The price for your wedding venue will mainly depend on 3 things; the location, the menu and the number of guests. But to give you a rough idea of how much a wedding venue costs in average we have done some research which resulted on the following figure: £4500 – £4700. This mostly includes what’s

How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost? Asking for an average price for a wedding dress is like asking for an average price for a car; it all depends on the brand, the quality and the technicalities involved! Boutique dresses range from £900 – £2500 whilst designers dresses start from £3000. According to our research, the average a bride is willing to pay


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